Former royal chef reveals the special treat the Queen likes to put on her toast

By Heather Cichowski

Toast might be the most versatile food – and has near universal appeal! Some people love it simply slathered in butter, while others like a classic peanut butter and jam combination. When it comes to the Queen, she prefers something a bit different on her toast: potted shrimp!

Former royal chef Darren McGrady confirmed the revelation in a recent video Q&A on his YouTube channel after he was asked by a viewer, "I always heard that the Queen loves Morecambe Bay potted shrimps, is that true? If so, how would you serve them?"

"That's so true, the Queen does love Morecambe Bay potted shrimps," Darren replied.

He was a personal chef to Her Majesty, Prince William, Prince Harry and the late Princess Diana for 15 years.

"If you don't know what they are, they are little brown shrimp, obviously harvested from Morecambe Bay," he explained. "They're cooked and marinated in this secret spicy butter."

The brand's website further explains, "Morecambe Bay Brown Shrimps are renowned for their delicate taste and unique texture; they have been caught by local Fishermen for hundreds of years."

A traditional recipe is still followed. The locally-caught shrimps from the northwest of England are boiled in butter with a secret combination of spices until they're tender. They are then sealed with butter and packed into pots... and that is where the name potted shrimp comes from!

A Cumbrian delicacy! The delicious Morecambe Bay potted shrimps that the monarch loves. Photo: © Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps

"And then the Queen would have them with warm toast, and when you spread them on the warm toast, the butter melts," the chef continued. "All that flavour runs into the toast and you would have the beautiful shrimp as well."

In fact, the Morecambe Bay Shrimps website suggests serving the potted shrimp on toast or crusty bread! They can be served hot or cold and as a light meal or a starter.

And the special potted shrimps are worth tracking down, according to Darren.

"You need to look them up," he continued. "You need to try them."

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Another commenter asked, "What was the one dish that everyone loved at Buckingham Palace?"

"I think that would be on a Friday, everybody loved fish and chips," explained Darren. "All the staff, 300 staff at Buckingham Palace, all of the chefs would have fish and chips for lunch.

"But, forget your tartar sauce and your ketchup, and all of those things," the Eating Royally caterer continued. "We loved it with salad cream [a creamy, tangy, sweet-to-sour dressing made with eggs, mustard seed and spices]. Salad cream on those french fries, on those chips."

Never heard of it? Darren encouraged people to give it a go.

"If you've never had it before, try it. You'll be amazed. It's so good!"

Canadians can buy salad cream online, including from Amazon, Walmart and The Real Canadian Superstore.

The Queen and fishmonger Pat O'Connell shared a laugh at her engagement at the English Market on May 20, 2011 in Cork during her and Prince Philip's royal tour of Ireland. Photo: © Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

Darren also confirmed the monarch's dislike of garlic after one commenter asked, "Are there foods or ingredients the Royal Family dislike?"

"The Queen doesn't like garlic... We could never use it at Buckingham Palace," he explained.

"There are foods that the Queen and the Royal Family love, though, and it's all the produce at their estate, especially at Balmoral Castle."

Her Majesty is also fond of chocolate! Darren previously told HELLO! the 94-year-old had a sweet tooth.

"She is absolutely a chocoholic," said Darren. "Anything we put on the menu that had chocolate on, she would choose, especially chocolate perfection pie [a layered chocolate pie with white and dark chocolate and chocolate shavings on top]."

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