We reboot Meghan Markle's ‘Tig Talk’ with biographer Andrew Morton (who thinks she should still have her blog!)

By: Meaghan Wray

Meghan Markle has gone from Hollywood fame to royal reign in a mere year. Now, basking in the spotlight – soon to get far brighter after she says “I do” to Prince Harry – she’s become Andrew Morton’s latest subject in his unofficial biography, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess . The LA native has remained her stunning self through the transition, but sadly, she had to say goodbye to her millions of followers on Instagram and, even more heartbreakingly, her beloved lifestyle blog The Tig. “The price [of being with Prince Harry] was giving up her baby,” Andrew writes in his book, which hits shelves Apr. 17.

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The now-defunct blog was a go-to hub for Meghan’s fans, who drank up clever posts on everything from fashion to food, travel to politics. And not so long ago, the former actress was on the interviewer side in her series titled “Tig Talk,” in which she asked a star-studded roster of participants like Heidi Klum , Emmy Rossumand Canadian fashion journalist Joe Zee the same series of get-to-know-you questions.

“She is very adept at social media. Since she's actually axed her accounts there have been a million extra hits on Kensington Palace accounts,” Andrew told Hello! Canada editor-in-chief Alison Eastwood. “I personally think that she should never have given up The Tig or the Instagram. A lot of European royals have got their own social media accounts, so I don’t see why they made her.”

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But chances are, Meghan will find other ways to let the world know who she is, even without an online platform. While she effortlessly settles in to her new role as Prince Harry’s wife, the Duchess of Sussex, and senior member of the Royal Family, fans are gearing up for so much more to come from the woman who Andrew claims will refashion the House of Windsor.

In the spirit of Meghan’s former love, The Tig, we asked Andrew the very questions that the Suits alum posed to her own subjects only a few moons ago:

Your nickname: Morts – my daughters made that up. They’ve gone through a whole litany of nicknames. Princess Diana called me Noah, for “notable author and historian” – it was ironic. Monica Lewinsky [whose biography he authored in 1999] used to call me Poafy. I don’t know what it meant.

First thing you do when you wake up: Make a cup of tea. Strong.

You can’t live without: A cup of coffee. Newspapers. The Times. And the New York Times. I get them delivered [when I’m in] America.

If you had one week to escape. Escape what? Oh. I’d go to the Lake District. I love it there.

If you had $10 to your name, you would … Buy a lottery ticket.

Everything tastes better with a little … Marmalade. Thick cut. Marmalade over Marmite? Yeah.

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