Best moments from the 2016 Oscars

By Anna Redman

This year's Oscars had it all: humour, tears, beautiful dresses and Girl Guide cookies. Chris Rock kicked things off with a humorous bang courtesy of his hilarious yet poignant opening monologue. "This is the wildest, craziest Oscars to ever host because there's all this controversy that no black nominees, and people are like, 'Chris you should boycott, Chris you should quit'... the last thing I need to do is lose another job to Kevin Hart."


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In the vein of Ellen's selfie and pizza moment from the 2014 Oscars, Chris also got the audience involved in one of his gags saying that his daughters always come in second place at their Girl Guides' group when it came to cookie sales. So, of course, Chris sent Girl Guides from L.A. out into the audience to wrangle money from the A-listers, even shouting out "come on Leo, you made $30 million." Later in the show Chris revealed what was surely a record-breaking total: $65, 243. (It looks like his daughters will be getting first place this year!)

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Canadian presenters were also making a name for themselves at this year's show. Ryan Gosling earned laughs when he and Russell Crowe presented the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. The duo quickly began bickering, but Ryan jumped in to say: "Let's not fight. We have two Academy Awards between us. This is beneath us." To which Russell replied: "Did you win an Oscar?"

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"Well, you have two Academy Awards so, technically there's two between us," Ryan replied, with only a touch of sheepishness. "I have one," Russell clarified. After insisting that Russell actually had two Oscars, Ryan cut in again and said, "let's agree to disagree."

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Utterly adorable in his Armani tux, nine-year-old Canadian Jacob Tremblay stole hearts and earned a cheer from his Room co-star Brie Larson when he and Abraham Atta came out to present the award for Best Documentary Short. No sooner had they arrived on stage but Chris rushed back on with platforms to boost their height. "Thanks, Chris! Loved you in Madagascar!" Jacob shouted after him before moving on to his presenting duties by saying: "For obvious reasons, Abraham and I are here to present Best Action Short."

Jacob's adorableness was hard to beat but Lady Gaga gave him a run for his money. The singer took the stage to perform a spellbinding rendition of her Oscar-nominated track, "Til It Happens to You," which she co-wrote with Diane Warren for the documentary film The Hunting Ground. Emotional and haunting, the song was accompanied by soulful notes on the piano and cello and received a standing ovation.

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Of course the biggest story of the night were the big wins. Brie thrilled fans everywhere when she took home the Best Actress prize, although no one was more delighted than Jacob, who she high-rived while the names were being announced. Her delighted co-star, whom she called her "partner though this" in her acceptance speech, jumped to his feet when Brie's name was called. She also thrilled Canadians when she thanked the Toronto International Film Festival for taking a chance on Room. The cast of Spotlight, including Canada's own Rachel McAdams, was delighted to win for Best Picture.

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And then there was Leo. After five nominations spanning 22 years, the A-list actor finally took home the trophy that everyone's been waiting for, which means those sad Leo Oscar memes can finally come to an end!

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