Ellen DeGeneres jokes about hosting the Oscars: 'I can make somebody cry'

As Ellen DeGeneres prepares to host the Academy Awards for the second time, the 56-year-old comedienne appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Sunday night’s event.

“I have a way we can make a lot of money and I’m excited about this and I hope this is something that interests you,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy suggested to Ellen that she go online to bet on some of the outcomes, and the pair discussed a number of betting options available, including what Ellen will be wearing on the night. “I can bet on things I’ll do?” the surprised star said.

They then looked at the odds on whether the best actress winner will cry. “I can make somebody cry,” the funny blonde said confidently.

Ellen also spoke about her hectic schedule in the run-up to the ceremony. “I am very busy. I didn’t think this through when I said I would host the Oscars!,” she told Jimmy.

“I have a show everyday, and I am writing like crazy. I am moving at the same time, which was not thought through either. We are moving right after the Oscars.”

“So you and Portia (De Rossi) are not moving into separate houses like I’ve seen in some of those magazine,” Jimmy said, referring to tabloid reports that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.

“I read that we were getting divorced and I went and told her and she was sad,” the star quipped. “I couldn’t believe we were getting divorced, but I guess we are. They said it.”

Busy Ellen also found time to chat to E! News this week, and revealed how she is preparing for the 86th Annual Academy Awards.

“I like to shower. I like to shower first and comb my hair,” the 56-year-old deadpanned. “I like to smell good. I’ll put something that smells good on. My breath, I like to do a mint of some sort. And I’ll do a couple of sit-ups and push-ups. That’s what I do. And I stretch.”

On the night, Ellen will actually be wearing some custom designs created for her by Hedi Slimane. “He’s made some gorgeous, beautiful suits,” Ellen said. “And I’m very honoured and flattered that he wanted to put some clothes on me, So I’ll be changing a few times.”

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