Listen to this: New singles from The Tragically Hip, Tegan and Sara and more

By Nicholas Jennings

Press releases were once the defacto method of publicizing new singles and albums. These days, all one needs is Twitter and a Spotify web player, where it’s easy to find music streams, photos and information about current and upcoming releases.

The Tragically Hip
“In a World Possessed By the Human Mind”
A new recording by Canada’s beloved Tragically Hip is always cause for celebration. The band’s upcoming 14th album, Man Machine Poem, is about three things, according to producer Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene): “memory, transformation and truth.” Those weighty themes are borne out in the group’s first single and its accompanying video, which presents striking visuals of a man rediscovering a vintage wind-up toy while revisiting letters and drawings from an old storage box.

The Hip took to its Twitter feed to promote the new album with a GIF of a baby being tossed joyously into the air (don’t try this at home).

Tegan and Sara
Calgary’s identical twin and openly gay Quin sisters also have a new album due in June. The duo’s new single has a distinctly ’80s feel, all sparkling synths and booming percussion, and a theme that is totally 2016. Sara explains that the song details a love triangle she found herself in with a woman who not only hadn’t dated another girl before, but was still seeing another man. The chorus features the infectious refrain “kiss me like your boyfriend.”

Sara and her sister Tegan are already tweeting about their upcoming album, Love You to Death, and are sporting natty checked suits in one particular tweet.

The Lumineers
America’s folky Lumineers came up in the wake of Mumford & Sons and enjoyed a massive hit with 2002’s “Ho Hey,” which was featured widely in commercials, movie trailers and TV shows like The X-Files. The group’s sophomore album references two women whose names are found in Shakespeare plays: the album title Cleopatra (from Antony and Cleopatra) and the group’s first single “Ophelia” (from Hamlet).

On Twitter, the band posted the album cover, which depicts a silent-movie-era actress dressed in Cleopatra garb.

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