Atelier Cologne founders share their latest passion project – plus more feel-good scents for spring

By Ivy Tang

With the warm breeze starting to enter the air and budding flowers popping up across the city, the new season calls for a refresh in our fragrance closet for a lighter, brighter feel. As a lot of us are still trying to stay at home as much as possible, fragrance has become a great way to transport us to our dream destinations.

Luckily for us, Atelier Cologne, the French perfume house loved by celebrities such as Sophie Turner and Camila Mendes, introduced a new scent that will do just that: Lemon Island.

Inspired by their family trip to the small island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean, founders Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel discovered Citron de Rodrigues, a type of lemon that has never been used in the world of perfumery.

"Usually citruses tend not to grow in this type of soil, and we loved the idea of very much creating a scent that transports you to a Paradisiac Island, but using ingredients that were local," said Sylvie.

"We had the idea at the time to create a scent really smelling like the smell of the sun on the skin with the salt, and the sand, and the oil, all that together," Christophe chimed in.

Even though the pandemic has driven the sales of fragrance downwards while people gravitate towards candles and diffusers to surround themselves with their favourite scents, Christophe is confident that "the use of fragrance will come back, very quickly, to what it used to be."

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Sylvie agreed.

"The customers are looking for something that feels good, uplift your moods, and just make you happy and make you comfortable in your own skin," she added.

For Atelier Cologne, this means their clients are leaning towards more citrus-based fragrance profiles, which has already been their core business. As we go into warmer months, Christophe believes that people will go for "all the scents that are very citrusy."

"The Lemon Island is number 8 of this collection, that we call Joie de Vivre, Joy of Life," he continued. And I think it's mainly that kind of scent with a lot of sun, energy, happiness, that has been rising for us."

So how do Christophe and Sylvie like to wear their favourite scents?

Photo via Atelier Cologne

"I spray everywhere," Christophe responded. "I always say to men, don't hesitate to spray on your shirt. Whether it's white or dark, because it doesn't mark, doesn't leave any mark. And I really love to spray on my neck, as well as the clothes that go with it. Whether it is a shirt, a pullover, or a scarf."

On the other hand, Sylvie prefers to sprtiz at the back of her neck and on her wrists.

"I move my arms a lot," she explained. "I'm half Italian [laughs], so I tend to move a lot. So the scent sort of moves with me."

And when she's challenging herself to wear something woody or spicy, she sprays it behind her knees.

"Everything that is a pulse point, like your wrists or inside of your elbow, or the back of your knee – because it's pulsing a lot, you have veins coming very close to the skin, so they tend to be the areas that would warm up very easily in your body. And so by warming up, you get to have that scent come out a lot."

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