Lucy Hale shares her beauty routine and on-set secrets

By Ally Dean

“Is there really a crowd downstairs?” asks actress and singer Lucy Hale with genuine excitement as we join her in the Platinum Suite at The Room at Hudson’s Bay. Seated cozily on plush white couches sipping black coffee, we feel as if we’re in her living room and not a bustling department store in downtown Toronto – but there is indeed a Snapchat-ready mob of millennials nearby, clamouring to hear the Pretty Little Liars star’s secrets and details about her new role as the face of New York-based hair care line, BlowPro.

“[Our] fans are so loyal! It’s really cool to see how the show’s beauty and fashion inspires them,” says the 26-year-old actress. “But I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the crowds.” Here, Lucy shares her daily hair and face regimen, red-carpet survival secrets and her evolving approach to beauty.

Lucy Hale has been a star of Pretty Little Liars for six years. Photo: © Getty Images

Walk me through your beauty routine. In my everyday life, I’m very simple – but I’m totally [obsessive] about my skin care regimen because I have really sensitive skin. I use Obagi toner, cleanser and lotion twice a day. I also use the is clinical serum, Neutrogena makeup wipes and a prescription Retinol cream. My makeup is pretty minimal – I stick to tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip balm, and I try to let my hair air-dry, but after the first day I’m a big dry shampoo fan. I used to be way more high-maintenance and need two hours to get ready, but the older I get, the more natural my approach to beauty is.

Are you as relaxed getting ready for the red carpet? Events are weird because I don’t have to do anything! My hair and makeup team look at what I’m wearing and decide what look to create for me. I’ve worked with them for so long and trust them, so I just sit in the chair and let them work.

Speaking of amazing teams, have you learned beauty tricks on the set of Pretty Little Liars? I may have picked up more if I’d been awake while they were doing it [ Laughs]. Kristin does my hair: she’s taught me the s-bend, where you use a straightener instead of a curling iron to create more natural waves. I’m also a master at applying fake eyelashes, but I’d better be after being with Pretty Little Liars for six years. Obviously our eyelashes aren’t real on the show, so I’ve had lots of practice. The show also made me more willing to try different looks and think outside the box. I used to say things like, “I’m never wearing blue eyeshadow!” but I actually did wear it to the Teen Choice Awards last year and it totally worked!

BlowPro Faux Dry Shampoo, $25, Hudson's Bay,

Is that your favourite red-carpet look of all time? It’s one of them! I also wore a gothic-inspired look with a really minimal eye and a black lip to the American Music Awards a few years ago. I think it was special for me because it was the first time I took a risk and really thought it was cool to do something different.

Your Pretty Little Liars character, Aria, has also gone through a beauty evolution. Aria is a risk taker; she’ll try new things and not care what anyone thinks. I’ve always liked that about her. I mean, remember when she had pink highlights? This season we fast-forwarded five years, and Aria’s got blonder, shorter hair. She’s a young woman, she’s growing up, and her look reflects that.

‘Aria is a risk taker; she’ll try new things and not care what anyone thinks.’ Photo: © Getty Images

Who is your ultimate style icon? Angelina Jolie is incredible; she’s like a goddess and really embodies what real beauty is about. Not just because she seems so effortlessly gorgeous but for what she does – her family, her love life, her charity work. Not to mention she writes scripts, produces and directs her own films and is still acting. She does it all – she’s Wonder Woman and she doesn’t even have bags under her eyes. I don’t know how she does it!

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