Michelle Obama joined by special guest on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke

Michelle Obama and James Corden opted for a new setting for their hilarious episode of Carpool Karaoke: the White House. And the fun didn't end there, as the pair added a special guest, Missy Elliott, to the mix.

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The rapper joined the US First Lady and the British presenter in the back seat of the car as they rocked out to Michelle's new song "This is For My Girls".

The girl power anthem was released in collaboration with Michelle's initiative, Let Girls Learn, and features vocals from Missy, Kelly Clarkson, Lea Michele and Kelly Rowland among others.


Michelle Obama, Missy Elliott and James Corden in Carpool Karaoke
Michelle Obama and James Corden were joined by Missy Elliott

Michelle, Missy and James sang along to the inspirational track, then busted some serious moves as the rapper's hit "Get Ur Freak On" played.

The First Lady and mum-of-two explained why she launched her initiative, which aims to provide the most vulnerable girls with an education.

"So much can be corrected in the world if girls were educated and had power over their lives," said Michelle. "My message to kids here is don't take your education for granted because there are girls around the world who would die to get the education that we have. They would move mountains."

Michelle Obama and James Corden singing together
The First Lady revealed that her Secret Service code name is Renaissance

The conversation took a lighter tone when James pried into the workings of the Secret Service, and asked Michelle what her Secret Service code name is.

"We're all Rs," she revealed. "I'm Renaissance. Barack is Renegade. You're assigned a letter in the alphabet so you don't get to choose your letter. For me they just came up with it and said, 'Do you like it?' And I said. 'Yeah, whatever.'"

James came up with his own code name, joking: "I was thinking like... Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf and Renaissance are in the car. Or Tiramisu. Tiramisu and Renaissance are in the car."

Michelle Obama and James Corden singing together
The duo sang along to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies"

Asked if she would miss the 24-hour room service at the White House after Barack's term comes to an end and the family move out, Michelle said: "That's nice but the freedom that we'll get in exchange for the privileges and the luxuries, seven and a half years luxuriating that's enough. I can make my own grilled cheese sandwich at 3am. I can make a mean grilled cheese sandwich."

During the ride Michelle, 52, and James, 37, also busted some moves to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies".

After their particularly energetic performance, Michelle joked: "We just dropped the mic. We were making honey in the hive. We were making honey... to put in our lemonade!"

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