Brad Smith on 'Bachelorette' Week 2: Sorry, I just fell asleep listening to Tony blab about life

The beautiful California coast always seems to be the perfect setting in which to find your soulmate... and sometimes even your car keys. We've now forgotten that there was any other choice but Kaitlyn, and after the season previews lets all admit that we're the most excited we've ever been for Bachelorette! And since every Canadian team has been eliminated from the NHL playoffs, we can put all of our momentum behind Kaitlyn and hopes she hoists the cup! (Metaphorically, that is.)

So let the dating begin. Naturally, there isn't a better way to start a relationship than with a little champagne... a quick workout, and full contact fighting? I like where Kaitlyn's head is at! And then top it off with the daughter of the greatest boxer in the history of mankind, and the season's definitely got a fighting chance! So let's get ready to rumble...


Oh wait, it's over? Of course it's over, have you seen the size of Ben Z!? Mind you, Jared does look like a minor-league hockey player. But good on the boys for getting out there and putting on a show because, let's be honest: I would have fled in terror from the sheer size of Ben Z, the Bob Probert of bachelor nation.

But even Ben Z couldn't keep the resident Twilight character down! Well played, Jared, now rest your head you pretty, pasty man. Ben remains the first-group title holder.

"I've always wanted to do an underwater photo shoot! " said no one ever. But at least the artistic value of the photo shoot with wi... sorry, I just feel asleep listening to Tony blab on about life!

Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? We've all tried the Romeo and Juliet underwater kiss, and when has it ever turned out for the best? It's wet, it's gross - a good idea in theory and terribly awkward in practice. But let's give it to Clint, Kaitlin really seems to be taken by him!

The next and final group date takes us to meet the funny and, might I add, lovely comedienne Amy Schumer! If Chris Soules had Jimmy Kimmel, why shouldn't Kaitlyn have Amy? But, as the Inside Amy Schumer star was quick to point out, this was a massacre. It's one thing to be put on the spot, but it's another to have to be funny on command.

That is, unless you're Amy Schumer and you're making fun of J.J. Can this happen ever week, just for fun? But, really: lights, camera, action! Straight to talking about Tony... though I'm not sure what went down here. He's someone I think I'd like to hang out with over a few beers. But the editing made him seem downright creepy!

This was one for the epic fail category. It does take a lot to embarrass yourself on national TV, but it's another thing to do it twice over by trying stand-up comedy on the Bachelorette!

Turns out that what was lacking in the comedy arena, they boys made up for in the tonsil-hockey department! And you have to give it to Kaitlyn, she owns the fact the she's here for the process, and it seems like she's all in. So I can't wait to see where this season goes, because there will clearly not be a lack of chemistry.

Please, someone get Tony a spinoff show! He is so not prepared for the massive egos he'll face being on a show like this. You almost feel bad for a guy that seems completely unprepared to compete for a woman... in a competition show! Sorry Tony ;)


And then when you think Tony was awkward, Coopa practically gives a clinic on how to talk your way out of a woman's heart. He should teach the class on how not to Bachelorette 101! With the tagline "I didn't expect that!" My guess is, that was a little bit of the rye and ginger talking!

Decisive, to the point and quick to run to the aid of a producer, Kaitlyn grows on you with every passive minute.

So, after a fun-filled night complete with fights, funnies and a no-friends policy, the season is gearing up and the clear front-runners are Ben Z, Sean B, J.J and Twilight ( I mean, Jared). Let's see where this season is going and who makes the cut next week... and if Coopa throws a fit and tries to jump over the bachelor walls!


PS: How cute that Britt gets her own happy ending? She bypassed the rose ceremonies, the awkward dates, the alcohol-fueled confrontations and she met a guy, one who simply asked her out. Imagine that? Real-life situations work, people!

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