Chrissy Teigen shares incredible video of rescuing her family's pet hamster from a wall

By Heather Cichowski

It's heartbreaking when a pet goes missing. The joy of finding them and reuniting is truly special. It is something Chrissy Teigen was able to capture after she found her family's pet hamster, New Peanut Butter.

Thankfully the hamster (who is named after the family's other hamster, Peanut Butter, who passed away last year) didn't go very far. After three days of the younger Peanut Butter being M.I.A., Chrissy and her loved ones heard peculiar scratching coming from a wall in their home.

The cookbook author uploaded a video on Aug. 23, which does in fact capture the odd noise in the wall. After inspecting the architecture of the house and coming up with a plan, Chrissy and her team were able to confirm the sound was coming from Peanut Butter, who apparently had managed to get into the wall via a hole. The little one was able to move around on wires by "using them like a rope" before the residents picked up on the noise.

"Rescue 911," the model dubbed the mission.

She continued, "Peanut butter the hamster has been missing for 3 days. Is he in the wall??? Let's find out."

In the dramatic four-minute video, Chrissy and her helpers confirmed Peanut Butter the hamster was in the wall, and even attempted to offer her food to come out. When that didn't work, they chiselled a piece of the wall. The Sports Illustrated cover star revealed she had wanted to use a hammer, but decided against doing so.

Next, the mom-of-two placed the hamster's ball over the hole and Peanut Butter eventually crawled into it, and was safe and sound. The video ended with Chrissy cheering.

It is not known who was filming the hamster rescue. Luna, Chrissy and John Legend's daughter, appeared briefly in the video to inquire how the hamster ended up in the wall. The couple's son, Miles, is not seen, but it is likely that the children are delighted to have their pet hamster back.

The family have a number of pets, including Pearl, a Basset Hound they brought home in July 2021.

The family also has Penny, a tri-paw dog that has been with them since 2016.

We're glad Peanut Butter was rescued safely!

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