Exclusive: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and Jeremy Scott talk about the new season of 'Making the Cut'

By Heather Cichowski

Making the Cut is back for a second season! The Amazon Original series returned on July 16 with a new cast of fashion designers from around the world hoping to win the US$1 million prize.

For the second season of the show, judges Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn welcome model Winnie Harlow and fashion designer and Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott to the judging panel.

Photo: © Amazon Studios

Ahead of the premiere, HELLO! Canada spoke with Heidi, Tim and Jeremy to find out about what to expect from the judges this season, how viewers can continue to shop the winning looks in the Amazon Fashion store and how filming the series made everyone laugh.

HELLO! Canada: Can you tell us about how Jeremy Scott and Winnie Harlow became involved in this season? And Jeremy about your decision to become involved?

Jeremy: My decision was very easy when I heard that I was asked first by Heidi, who is a person who I think makes me laugh more in life than any other human.

Heidi: [Laughs]

Jeremy: And there is nothing better to do in life than laugh, and the joy that brings. Having spent a day filming with her for one of her other shows, Germany’s Next Top Model, I left with abs because of laughing.

Heidi and Tim: [Laughs]

Heidi: And more wrinkles because of laughing!

Jeremy: And so I thought, "Well I could get to do this every day with her and get to spend time with Tim." And I loved watching them on all of their shows before. So, it was a joy and a thrill for me, and an honour, to be able to join them and participate with them on this one.

Heidi and Tim greet the contestants. Photo: © Ali Goldstein via Amazon Studios

HELLO! Canada: Can we expect lots of laughter this season, then, and a happy mood?

Jeremy: If you’re with Heidi, there’s no way around it. She is actually hysterical, and funny, and charming, and everything and more. So, yes.

Heidi: We laughed a lot, but there were also heated decisions as well. [Laughs] But you need someone who has a pulse, and who is invested because you know, Tim and I, we've had guest judges over many, many years, we did a TV show for 16, 17 seasons together, so I don’t know, we've had hundreds of guests. And it's the worst when you have someone there who is not passionate in anything that comes out of their mouth, like they couldn’t care less.

So, it's so important to have someone that is bringing their point of view to the table, because that's why that person is there. You want their point of view. That's why there are different people on a panel because everyone stands for what they do in the industry, in a different kind of way.

And if people are not honest with what they’re saying, and they’re not passionate about it, it is so boring. It is boring for us. It is boring for the designers. They don’t learn anything. They don’t get pushed; they don’t push themselves. People at home, they are falling asleep. So, I feel like it's always so important to be honest when you are saying yes to a judging job.

Jeremy and Winnie have a laugh while filming. Photo: © Ali Goldstein via Amazon Studios

Now, I have to say it gets harder and harder to judge these days because people get so offended by everything one says. But people should never take it that we are criticizing them as a person. We're talking about a potential job that has a million dollars at the end of it. It does get harder.

Tim: At the same time, Heidi, I just want to add that if they’re offended and affronted by this degree of dialogue, they don't belong in this industry.

Heidi: Right.

Jeremy: One hundred per cent.

HELLO! Canada: Can you tell us more about the dynamic of the judges and guest judges this season?

Tim: I want to jump in and say that I'm going to lunge from Heidi's earlier comments, Jeremy and Winnie not only bring passion and truth-telling to their judging, they also bring huge amounts of sincere care for the future of these designers. And that is an extraordinary, extraordinary combination. And it doesn't get any better than that.

Heidi: Jeremy is kind of who they all want to be in a way. Jeremy, I'm just going to speak about you for a sec.

He does all these amazing art pieces. You can tell a story like no other. It's a visual feast that comes down [the runway] and it makes me have goosebumps. It makes my heart flutter. It makes me remember why I am in this industry. You have the art to trickle that essence down into, let's say, a T-shirt. And when you see it, you're like 'That's Moschino. That's Jeremy Scott.'

This is what our designers have to do essentially. They have to create an outfit that makes us all dream and go 'Wow! Fashion is fabulous and we love it’'and you can really show us what you can do, and then how do you trickle that down to a wearable piece because we do want to be full circle with Making the Cut where it’s interactive.

The people who love the winning look can buy it immediately for $100 or less. How do you do that? That is one of the hardest things to do. People think that fashion basics are the easiest thing to do – they're the hardest to do. So, that's why I like to say like Jeremy, who knows how to do it so well.

Heidi and Tim strike a pose. Photo: © Ali Goldstein via Amazon Studios

And Winnie is just like a breath of fresh air. She is the It girl that we all want to be. She wears the coolest, newest, trendiest stuff. She is super plugged in. She's young, she's hot. She walks all the big shows, or has done all the big campaigns. She always has her finger on the pulse and she knows things.

She's also very genuine. When she says things about what someone has done or not, she can articulate her passion and what she believes in very well, which not everyone can do. Some people just say "I like it" or "I don't like." Well, why? "I don't know." You need to be able to tell why! [Laughs] Because otherwise, we're not getting anywhere. She's very good at all that. It was a dream team.

Jeremy: To Heidi's point, it really is about the art and commerce, and that's the balance. I feel like Making the Cut is the only show that really tries to educate not only these designers but the public at large about that because it is a balance that you have to strike. And that is a very tenuous balance of being able to create a vision and inspire people, but to simulate that vision into something that is wearable and affordable. Of course, this show is like none other because of the fact it's with Amazon and able to have the fashion that wins be immediately stoppable, it’s like a sci-fi dream come true.

HELLO! Canada: Can you tell us more about how Amazon is selling the winning looks this season?

Heidi: Yeah, you can buy the winning look in the Making the Cut store. So, it's basically like last year, in terms of buying. It did really well last year, which we were all super surprised just because COVID had just hit. I think we were all in the biggest kerfuffle in our heads because we had no idea where this was going to go. We all probably thought that we were dying next week. Everyone was holding onto their money. Everyone wasn't knowing what to do, just speaking to friends about what they were up to and stuff.

For people to spend the money last year, I was very surprised and super happy for the designers because ultimately it's the biggest win to see people walking around in the creations that you have made. That's the most fulfilling feeling. So, people did buy last year.

So, it will be the same. So every winning look of the episode, you can buy immediately in the Making the Cut store on Amazon Fashion.

Tim: I don't know whether Amazon will want me to say it, but I'll say it anyway: The success of the shoppable aspect was such that we have every reason to believe that they have increased the production numbers for season two.

[Editor's Note: Amazon is offering increased availability of the looks after they sold out in under two days for season one.]

HELLO! Canada: Another key element of season one was being able to change your mind as judges. Can you tell us about the decision to continue with that this season?

Heidi: At the end of the day, yes, the consumer either likes the outfit for themselves and decides "I'm going to buy that for myself" or "I'm not going to buy it." But when we're looking for a brand, the designer is so important in what they are as a human being and what their story is, and how they are telling their story through fashion.

Heidi, Jeremy and Winnie while filming Making the Cut. Photo: © Ali Goldstein via Amazon Studios

So, sometimes just because they are under such a time crunch and this is not a sewing competition, we’re looking actually for someone who understands all the parts of having a fashion brand so we needed to hear those people – what they were thinking about every assignment.

And sometimes when they were able to articulate because of the time why they couldn’t finish certain things, or you know, they couldn’t show it as they were intending, it did sometimes change our minds when they could articulate what they really wanted to. I feel like, and we felt like they needed that opportunity to explain themselves and you know, just to get to the finish line. We love it and that’s why we continued it.

Making the Cut is available to stream worldwide through Amazon now, and viewers will be able to shop the looks immediately after the show drops. Two new episodes will be released each week, culminating in a grand finale with a runway show on Aug. 6, 2021.

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