10 things we learned about Lena Dunham from Vogue's '73 Questions'

By Sarah Walker

In advance of the final season of Girls hitting the small screen, Lena Dunham opened up her Los Angeles home to Vogue. As part of the tour, she took part in the magazine's epic rapid-fire interview, "73 Questions." What she proved is that nothing is ever really off-limits for the star -- she's willing to discuss just about everything. That includes her love of pantsuits and her favourite style statements.

She doesn't always finish was she starts reading

Though many claim The Great Gatsby as their favourite novel, the 30-year-old admits to never having finished it. She claims she can never make it all the way through!

She both loves and loathes writing books.

The author of Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned says she's had a hard time with the writing process because it can be incredibly lonely. The reward for all of her hard work, though, is holding the final version in her hands. She also let fans in on a bit of a secret: she's currently writing another read -- this time short fiction.

She likes to dye her hair.

Her favourite hue? Neon green.

She's not afraid to own up to a fashion faux pas

While the actress admits that her greatest fashion faux pas was likely wearing formal shorts, she was absolutely in love with the Giambattista Valli gown she wore to the 2014 Emmys. "[It] looked like pink birthday cake," she notes. She's also, apparently, never worn a bra... ever.


The final season of Girls premieres Feb 12 (HBO Canada).

She's got two nicknames.

If you want to get on her good side, refer to her by one of her two nicknames: Leens or Lean-Bean.

Her hangout with Hillary Clinton would be low-key.

If the duo had some time to spend together, Lena jokes that they'd spend their time "talking about how to rescue girls and women from global oppression" as well as "how to steam our pantsuits."


She would like to invite...

Ariana Grande and Dorothy Parker over for a girls night at her guest house. (We should note, the latter, an American poet, passed away in 1967.) The only caveat is they'd have to share a bed. Her other fan-girl crush is Dame Helen Mirren.

Her role models are many.

"I look up to the activists who came before me who made it possible for me to have the right to choose," she told the outlet.

Lena opens about role models, nicknames and fashion hits and misses.

She has some serious long-term goals.

In 10 years she wants to be a mother of babies and poodles, but she'd also like to keep up her charitable and activist ways. The star would also like to pursue something in the theatre in the near future.

She might have a thing for Disney.

The star claims that the greatest love story of all time is Lady and the Tramp, while the fictional character she'd love to date is Robin Hood.

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