Anna Silk talks women, son Sam and 'Lost Girl's big finale: 'We finished so strong'

“The idea of the #LemonChallenge4Change campaign is that the issues girls are dealing with leaves a sour taste in your mouth,” says Anna Silk, who recently chatted with Hello! Online about her new partnership with Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl program. The Lost Girl star is lending her voice, and her front yard, to help raise awareness for women’s rights by hosting a Pink LemonAid stand at her home in Los Angeles.

Anna has joined forced with Plan Canada's Because I am a Girl campaign to raise awareness for women's rights. Photo: © Plan Canada

After wrapping production on her hit science-fiction series late last year, Anna is enjoying time off with her husband Seth and their two-year-old son, Sam. As an avid and longtime supporter of the campaign, Anna says that she has always been interested in doing more to spread the word about Because I am a Girl and can’t wait to share her passion and excitement for the cause with her neighbourhood later this month. “My family is inviting the block and some friends to the lemonade stand and there’s a lot of little girls on my street that are really interested and excited,” she says. “The idea behind it is that anyone can get involved and it also teaches kids that small actions like this can drive big change.”

Here, the New Brunswick native opens up about personal heroes, son Sam and saying farewell to the show that changed her life.

Part of the campaign is really about helping girls reach their full potential. Who are some of the women in your life that inspired you to go after your dreams?

My mom for sure. I got to watch her do a job she loves everyday and she was just really happy and was doing exactly what she wanted to do. My grandmother was also very inspiring because she didn’t let her lack of education or stuff like that stop her. She really was kind of a pioneer in her time for her family and for women. My third grade teacher was definitely exciting and inspiring to me as are a lot of my peers. It’s really amazing.

How is Sam doing? It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since he made his debut in Hello! Canada!

He’s amazing. Sam’s always been the happiest child and he’s got a crazy sense of humour. I know on the day of the lemonade stand he’ll be drinking lots of lemonade and having lots of fun because he loves groups of people. He’s just a happy little boy and we’re very lucky to have him in our lives.

Is his personality more like yours or Seth’s?

People always comment about Sam’s humour so I like to say he gets it from me, but if you asked my husband, he’ll probably say the opposite ( Laughs). Maybe a little bit of both of us.

Anna, here with co-star Zoie Palmer, says she hopes fans love the final season of the show as much as she loved filming it. Photo: © Getty Images

One of your fans on Twitter, Cindy, was wondering what your initial reaction was when you found out that season five of Lost Girl would be its last.

It was sad. We knew the show had to come to an end so it kind of made us go, ‘Let’s make sure we embrace every second of this season.' And we did that and it’s one of the things we’re so proud of. We finished so strong. I really feel like we walked out on the last day of filming feeling so satisfied and we told the story so beautifully and I hope the fans think the same thing and feel what we felt.

Any big plans on how you will celebrate the final episode when it airs later this year?

Maybe we’ll have a viewing party! It’s a big celebration for sure and anyone involved in Lost Girl can come by here and we’ll watch it together.

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