Kate Hudson, Adele, Victoria Beckham and more stars who are crazy for crystals

From beauty tricks to healing and backstage rituals, stars love crystals!

Meghan Markle's cult-favourite facialist is bringing her products close to her client

Kate Somerville is launching her products in London

<p>We've all struggled with blemishes at some point or another in our lives, and the same can be said for some of the big and little screens' most beautiful faces. Many actresses, singers and reality show stars have had skin problems in the past, and whether they embraced their flaws or sought advice on how to improve their skin, we've rounded up their suggestions on keeping imperfections at bay... </p>

Stars share their tips on overcoming skin imperfections and acne

From dermatologists to cutting out dairy products

<p>First there were subscription boxes that personalized your beauty routine by putting together makeup and hair products. Now, there are made-to-order skin-care and at-home spa treatments that cater to your skin’s individual needs.

Customized skin care may be old news to pros like Vancouver-based dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers, who has been offering the service at his clinic for more than a decade. But the desire to supercharge our skin-care routines has recently given rise to everything from boosters that you can inject into your moisturizer for extra potency (consider it the beauty equivalent of adding a shot of ginger to your green juice) to face masks that you can cocktail together to address various complexion concerns. Here’s the lowdown! <i>-- By Jill Dunn</i>

The latest ways to jump-start your anti-aging routine

From customized cleansing to boosters and bubble masks, here are the latest ways to jump-start your anti-aging routine.

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